.NET Library C# .NET Nuget

Getting started guide for using the Nexosis API


Generating Predictions Predict

Lean how to genreate forecasts using the Nexosis API

Missing Values Imputation

What to do with missing values

Getting Started

Column Metadata Reference Data

How to define column metadata on a dataset

Account Creation Account

How and why to create an account

Error Codes Reference Errors Debugging HTTP

Detailed information about error codes

How It Works General

Learn how the Nexosis API works.

Importing Data Data CSV JSON

Import data into the Nexosis platform

Quick Start REST

Getting started guide for using the Nexosis API

Retrieving Data Data CSV JSON

How do I get my results and my original data back out?

Sending Data Data CSV JSON

In order to forecast or measure Impact, we need your data in JSON or CSV format.

Sessions Causal Impact Predict

What is a Session in the Nexosis API?

Specifying Features Forecasting Causal Impact Impact

This tutorial shows more advanced specification of features and column metadata

Working With Dates Dates Formatting Data

Formatting dates properly can be tricky.

Greater Good

Air Quality in Beijing Impact Analysis C#

This tutorial will demonstrate usage of the Nexosis API in combination with a local database to perform analysis on sensor data.

Impact Analysis

Impact Analysis Causal Impact Impact

Using the Nexosis API to determine the Impact of an event on your data


Java package Java JAR Package

Use the Nexosis Java Client to communicate with Nexosis API


Node.JS Module node nodejs npm

Using NodeJS with the Nexosis API.


Python Module python module

Python module for using the Nexosis API


Ruby GEM Ruby Gem

Ruby GEM for using the Nexosis API

Sales & Marketing

Marketing Impact on Facebook Page Likes Impact Analysis Java Facebook

This tutorial will demonstrate how to measure the impact of marketing messaging changes on Facebook Likes

Forecasting Regional Housing Values Forecasting Scala Zillow

This tutorial will demonstrate how to forecast house costs

Forecasting Sales Forecasting Ruby

This tutorial will demonstrate how to forecast daily level sales based on historical sales.


Scala scala Package

Use the Nexosis Java Package to communicate with Nexosis API in Scala


API Keys API Keys keys security

API Keys are used to gain access to your Sessions in

Sports & Games

Tournament Impact of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup Impact Analysis F#

A tutorial that uses the Nexosis machine learning API to conduct an impact analysis on the number of Games, Players and Wins during Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup tournaments.

Forecasting Fitbit Activity Forecasting C# Fitbit

This tutorial demonstrates building a web app that forecasts your Fitbit activity using the Nexosis Api