Getting Started

How It Works: Overview General

Learn how the Nexosis API works.

Guided API Tutorial

A guided tutorial of using the API to upload a dataset, create a forecast session and retrieve the results.

Account Creation Account

How and why to create an account

Quick Start Guides QuickStart

The Getting Started guides for using the Nexosis API

Next Steps General

You've read the Quick Start and high-level walkthrough, here are some ideas of what to try next!


Calendar Data Sources DataSet Views Datasources

Learn about using calendars as data sources

Data Sources DataSet

Learn about data sources used in forecasts

Views DataSet View

Learn about Views and how they help with forecasting

Importing Data Data CSV JSON

Import data into the Nexosis platform

Sending Data Data CSV JSON

In order to forecast or measure Impact, we need your data in JSON or CSV format.

Retrieving Data Data CSV JSON

How do I get my results and my original data back out?

Sessions Causal Impact Predict

What is a Session in the Nexosis API?

Column Metadata Reference Data

How to define column metadata on a dataset

Specifying Features Forecasting Causal Impact Regression

This tutorial shows more advanced specification of features and column metadata


Forecasting Walkthrough Predict Walkthrough

Lean how to generate forecasts using the Nexosis API

Impact Analysis Causal Impact Impact

Using the Nexosis API to determine the Impact of an event on your data

Forecasting Quick Start REST QuickStart TimeSeries

Getting started guide for using the Nexosis API


How It Works: Regression Predict

End to end example of predicting from a regression model

Prediction Quick Start REST QuickStart Regression

Getting started guide for using the Nexosis API

Regression Walkthrough Predict Regression Walkthrough

Lean how to generate regression models using the Nexosis API


API Keys API Keys keys security

API Keys are used to gain access to your Sessions in


Missing Values Imputation

What to do with missing values

Working With Dates Dates Formatting Data

Formatting dates properly can be tricky.

Error Codes Reference Errors Debugging HTTP

Detailed information about error codes