.NET Library

Installing the client

You need to be using a project referencing .NET Standard (any version of .NET Core or .NET Framework 4.6.2 or above).

PM> Install-Package Nexosis.Api.Client 

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The most basic thing you can do with the API is submit some data and then ask for predictions. This can be done if you have a CSV file with the following code:

var client = new NexosisClient();
using (var file = File.OpenText("C:\\path\\to\\sales-file.csv"))
    client.DataSets.Create(DataSet.From("widget-sales", file));
// Creating a forecast session

var sessionResponse = client.Sessions.CreateForecast(
        DateTimeOffset.Parse("2017-12-12 10:11:12 -0:00"), 
        DateTimeOffset.Parse("2017-12-22 22:23:24 -0:00"), 

For this to work, the CSV file must have a header with the names of the columns in the file.

Once the forecasting is complete, you will receive an email notification. Using the sessionId from above, you will want to get results with the following call:

// Retrieve forecast results
var results = await client.Sessions.GetResults(sessionResponse.SavedSessionId);


If you run into issues using this client library, create a new issue in github. Please include code to reproduce the error if possible.

Pull requests are welcome.