Ruby GEM

Installing the client

Include the gem in your gemfile and use bundler to install your dependencies.

gem 'nexosis_api', '~> 2.2.0'

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Ruby Quick Start

Initialize the Client

The NexosisApi class exposes the client as a class method. The client will be cached across uses so you can initalize it once with the API Key:

require 'nexosis_api'
NexosisApi.client(:api_key => 'your key here') 

In most cases you’ll want to load the key as a secret or from the environment so as not to expose it in your source code.

Repeated Calls

Once you have the client initialized you can call again without specifying the key

quotas = NexosisApi.client.get_account_quotas


If you run into issues using this client library, create a new issue in github. Please include code to reproduce the error if possible.